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Tips on Taking Disney World Vacations

It's no secret that Central Florida is one of the premiere vacation destination in the world, and that many people love Disney World vacations. This is double-edged sword, so to speak. While Walt Disney World is a great place to visit, it is not very cheap, and it's often quite crowded. So, what are some tips and tricks associated with going on Disney World vacations, and yet doing it in an affordable fashion?

Step one, try to visit during off-season periods. That may sound impossible; after all, is there ever a time when Disney World is not crowded? Well, maybe not less crowded, but reasonably crowded, shall we say? There's the middle of the week, as many people have to work, and there is early fall - the month of September, when children are back in school. In the spring, the times before and after Easter / Spring Break are also a bit slow, and good for Disney World vacations.

Then there are the times immediately around holidays. Taking Disney World vacations are very popular on Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and other legal holidays. It is even said that the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the slowest day in all of the Disney theme parks. So, if you can arrange it, take your Disney World vacations either the weekend before or the weekend after a holiday.

Next, there are Disney World vacations that are package deals. Check with a local travel agent or do a search online. Many websites are dedicated to various vacations, and you can find some great deals on Disney World vacations if you use a good search engine like Goggle, Yahoo, MSN, and others.

If you're a Florida resident, there are often special Disney World vacations available to you. Some of these are very cheap Disney World vacations. Also, while a long-shot, if you know someone who works for Disney (what they call a cast member), they can sign you into the park, and get you discounts on accommodations. This can make actually staying in an onsite hotel quite affordable.

Now let's move on to tips about the parks themselves. If you stay inside the Disney property as part of your Disney World vacation, you can enter the parks an hour before the general public. It's also advisable to go on the most popular rides early, the lines will be shorter. Yet, don't go on a ride that requires a lot of people. The Jungle Cruise boats don't depart until they are full. So, if you get on the first boat of the day, you'll be sitting there for a while. This isn't how you want to spend any of your Disney World vacations.

Also, as people tend to start near the front of the park and move deeper into it, as the day progresses, go to the far end of the park right away. Keep in mind the day-trippers, the people only taking one-day Disney World vacations, generally get tired and leave by late afternoon. If your Disney World vacation encompasses several days, come early in the morning, and stay until lunchtime. If you want to eat on Disney property, the most affordable place is their buffet over in Fort Wilderness. Not only is it all you can eat, but it has plenty of kid-friendly foods. After that, if possible, leave the park for a break. If you're staying in one of the Disney hotels, they always have fun and activity to keep the kids busy.

If leaving isn't the most economical thing for you to do, consider taking a break. After a morning of walking, Disney World vacations may seem a bit tiring. Take a ride on the train, or go by one of the water fountains. Kids can play for hours in those. By late in the day, the crowds will thin out, and you can top off your Disney World vacation by staying until the parks close.

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